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Girls High School Hockey Raffle

By AHA Web Guy 01/11/2023, 3:15pm AKST

Anchorage Hockey Association proudly supports female hockey players including running the High School Hockey program.  The Anchorage School District does not fund girls hockey in the high school.  Since we think our female high school players should have a chance to represent their school, AHA runs that program.  To raise funds to pay for ice and coaches we are doing a raffle to win 2 round trip tickets with Alaska Airlines.  You can support Girls High School Hockey and be entered to win  by buying raffle tickets:

2022-2023 Dimond/West VARSITY Girls Hockey Team

Blevins, Abigail
Campbell, Zoie
Carlson, Tana
Connick, Khenzie
Damrill, Kim
Doyle, Renee
Grier, Lauren
Hill, Riley
Horschel, Linell
Kindred, Alexis
Kleckner, Sasha
Kowal, Sienna
Lardizabel, Siena
Lee, Ryan
Morton, Aurora
Murray, Hailey
Nascimento, Amelia
Sharpe, Liz
Sillers, Molly

2022-2023 Dimond/West JV Girls Hockey Team

Alexia, Alayna
Blevins, Abigail
Casey, Lorelei
Damrill, Blue
Damrill, Kim
Howe, Shannon
Menendez, Alexa
Nevala, Moira
Reimers, Makayla
Snelson, Olivia
Stetson, Easton
Williams, Izzy