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Midget High School League

By Brian Gross, 09/07/18, 7:30AM AKDT


Midget Skates 9-21 to 9-23

Each player should attend 2 of the 3 Midget skates. Players should find their name in two of the 3 columns and attend those skates.

Friday, 9/21/18   Saturday, 9/15/18   Sunday, 9/16/18
7:30 - 8:30 PM DA2   12:00 - 1:00 PM DA2   11:00 AM - 12:00 PM BB1
Last Name First Name   Last Name First Name   Last Name First Name
Baker Taylor   Baker Taylor   Bridges Luke
Brown Robert   Bridges Luke   Christopherson Timothy
Brumbaugh Kurtis   Brown Robert   Croft Burke
Christopherson Timothy   Brumbaugh Kurtis   Curphey Nathan
Christy William   Christy William   Dubie Nikolai
Ellefson Hiatt   Croft Burke   Fiscus Ron
Fetters Tanner   Curphey Nathan   Flaherty Megan 
Fiscus Ron   Dubie Nikolai   Frick Kierin
Frick Kierin   Ellefson Hiatt   Garrett Thomas
Guyer Mitchell   Fetters Tanner   Harren Karl
Harren Karl   Flaherty Megan    Hendrickson Guy
Hendrickson Guy   Frick Kierin   Jencks Johnathen
Jencks Johnathen   Garrett Thomas   Kane James
King Braeden   Guyer Mitchell   King Bryan
King Bryan   Hendrickson Guy   King James David
King James David   Kane James   Kosloff Seth
Kosloff Seth   King Braeden   Larson Kyle
Larson Kyle   Lazaros Jeremiah   Lazaros Jeremiah
McHenry Gavin   McHenry Gavin   Miller Matias
Mills Hayden   Miller Matias   Miranda  Gary 
Miranda  Gary    Mills Hayden   Redmond James
Nicholson Angus   Nicholson Angus   Reimers Janessa
Nickerson Spencer   Nickerson Spencer   Rogers Tatiana
Redmond James   Reimers Janessa   Sarber Hunter
Ross Adam    Rogers Tatiana   Sarber Jaden
Sarber Hunter   Ross Adam    Schue Nathan
Sarber Jaden   Sato Grey   Seifert Emerson
Sato Grey   Schue Nathan   Sievers Dakota
Seifert Emerson   Sjostrom Kort    Sjostrom Kort 
Sievers Dakota   Taylor Nathanael   Vlahovich Niklas 
Taylor Nathanael   Vlahovich Niklas    Woods Orion
Warney Alex   Warney Alex   Zelinsky Reid
Woods Orion   Zelinsky Reid