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2024-25 North Star Girls Teams

By AHA web gal, 05/24/24, 6:30PM AKDT


Our 2024-25 season North Star girls teams announced

Congratulations to our 2024-25 North Star Girls teams.

14U Girls (as of 6/3/24)
Team Contact: Sami Rutherford, (907) 351-6637
A. Carey
K. Colliander
S. Forestal
G. Harrington
K. Lardizabal
S. Lopez
J. Odell
M. Peshkova
A. Pohland
I. Stanslowski
P. Towne
B. Williams
R. Witmer
A. Yeager

16U Girls (as of 5/24/24)
Team Contact: Chris Bullock, (907) 830-1580
D. Barney
L. Casey
K. Cunningham
R. Dutton
H. Massie
B. Newhouse
K. Newhouse
T. Newhouse
D. Nicolet
H. Rogness
M. Spealman
S. Spone
N. Spone
B. Stevens
H. Zmuda

19U Girls (as of 6/5/24)
Team Contact: Ray Blackadar, (907) 602-9281
B. Akagi
S. Bullock
T. Carlson
M. Chace
M. Christman
E. Chvastasz
R. Doyle
T. Hayes
A. Hill
J. Hull
K. Ketchum
S. Kowal
S. Lardizabal
A. MacLean
D. Massie
M. Menshouse
R. Olson
E. Schutt
L. Tiernan
G. White

For general questions and inquiries, please contact AHA Girls Development Director, Cassi Campbell at (907) 982-1031.