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AHA’s Quarantine Training & Video Challenge

By B.Heisten , 10/12/20, 11:15AM AKDT


At Home Training Videos

At Home Training & Video Challenge For ALL AHA Players

Video Challenge 

We’re going to make the best of this quarantine week. As you probably already seen, we have posted an at home stick handling & 3 days of work out videos for players to continue their development while we wait to get back into the rinks. We’re going to crank it up a couple of notches and turn this into a fun little video challenge for all AHA members. So, during this week (Oct 12th - Oct 18th) each player will have an opportunity to put their name (up to four times) into a drawing for a gift from Champion Choice and/or win a free Breakfast Club session (a session is made up of 3 morning semi-private skill skates at Subway Ice Center on Wednesday mornings).

How it works: To receive one name entry into our drawing, an  individual player can post a short video of themselves performing exercises from one of the four videos (stick handling or 1 of the 3 workout videos). Players will have the ability to post up to four videos (one video from each of the 4 we posted) which will get the individual player ONE name entry for every video (up to 4 entries for one player) they post. 

For a player’s video to be eligible, the player will need to create a short video of themselves performing a few exercises from the video they selected.  Players will need to say their name, what team they’re on and what video they selected. I.e. work-out video 3. After the player will then upload the video onto AHA’s Facebook page under “AHA’s Quarantine Training & Video Challenge” post.  Last chance to post a video will be this Sunday, October 18th at 9:00pm. The drawing will take place on Monday, October 19th at 12pm with the results being posted on our Facebook page. 

Please note: if a player is looking to get multiple name entries into the drawing then they will need to create individual videos and not cram everything onto one video.

1 video = 1 name entry 

For a player to receive 4 name entries then there needs to be 4 individual videos: 1 video of stick handling, 1 video from work-out video 1, 1 video from work-out video 2, 1 video from work-out video 3. 

Stickhandling Video 1

In our 1st stick-handling  video, we have put together 17 exercises that your child can do with minimal space and equipment. When preforming the exercises remember there are only good & bad habits and no in between. Focus on stick-handling with your head & eyes up, train yourself to use your peripheral vision (indirect vision - vision as it occurs outside the point of fixation) to see the puck/ball. A good challenge is to have your eyes scan across the room and focus in on objects and while using your peripheral vision to see the stick handling ball. 

Another important tip, when performing the exercises try not to do them to a number count (“x” number of reps) or to a set amount of time. Instead perform the exercise until you’re tired and you feel that you’re losing the ability to perform the activity with your best habits. Also, make sure you’re rested enough to perform the exercise to the best of your ability.

 A little tip with the “Call It Out” exercise: This exercise can be performed by yourself, but it’s meant to have a partner (sibling) to help  you out. The partner would call out a number (based off the number of pucks you have laid out in front of you). In our set up, we had 5 pucks- if your partner calls out number 3, you would stick handle the ball around the 3rd puck and then wait for another number they’ll call out next. The ideas is to try and recognize the number quick and get around the puck as fast as you can.


Elite Sports Performace - At Home Work-outs

These workout have been provided by Billy Crumm from Elite Sports Performance Center. There are 3 days of workouts for any player looking to maintain their strength & conditioning during this time away from the rinks. In each video, Billy helps to demonstrates and explains the exercises. 

It’s best to first watch the entire video and get an idea of the exercises and the minimal equipment you may need. We have also attached a workout log to help players record their progress.